Who’s Ready for a Pep Talk?

Pep Talks Colorado Sept 2017

Enterpreneurs, small business owners and professionals looking unleash excellence – who couldn’t use an inspirational pep talk? Pep talks are for more than just sports teams, films, and Kid President. Whenever we hit a block or begin to struggle on our paths, we all need someone to offer up those words of wisdom that will jolt us back into awareness and motivate us to do more and achieve more.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” — Thomas Jefferson

There are a variety of ways to define PEP in the business world:

  • People Expanding Possibilities
  • Parables Equal Persuasion
  • Engage. Prosper

However you define pep, we have gathered a group of world class thinkers to put more PEP into your life and business. These speakers know how to unleash the excellence in you. They are passionate about helping you to do better so that you can live better. Our lineup includes 10 amazing speakers with a variety of topics that are sure to get you thinking and pump you up to do great things in your business!

Inspired by the massive success of the international TEDx events, we’ve put together an all-day event on Saturday, September 9th called PEP Talks. It will be an amazing opportunity, filled with information from real people offering real solutions to make your life and business better. You will leave this event brimmed with ideas, inspiration and initiative to make change in your life, your work and your community. The best part? Our PEP Talks event was organized right here in Denver – with motivational leaders from our own back yard!

Will you be in the room when you hear that one piece of advice that will shift your mindset? Will you be there when the spark ignites to make change and gain clarity on what you need to move forward and grow? Are you ready to meet like-minded people and learn how to grow your business? Then make sure to grab your seat for a day filled with powerful takeaways, networking, education, and increased clarity. Reserve your spot today: https://www.peptalksco.com/.

Got your ticket but want a dose of PEP right away, check out this fun Pep Talk Generator!