Planning: 3 steps to a clear action plan

As businesses everywhere are trying to figure out what just happened (a look back – Fab Friday 12/4), and what they will carry into 2021 (Stop, Keep Start — Fab Friday 12/11), the next step is to really look at setting the top 3 goals for the year.  Why only 3?  If you can choose 3 really big goals, they will break down into multiple smaller milestone goals through the year to keep you motivated and on track. 

The 3 big goals may seem inspiring at the end of December, but completely overwhelming the 2nd week of January. 

To beat the overwhelm and then ultimate abandoning of your goals in the new year, try breaking them down into smaller chunks with clear action items.

1) GOAL: Break down your top 3 goals for the year into Quarters (12 weeks/ 90 days).

Example: 1000 new subscribers on my FAB Friday mailing list would mean 250 new people each quarter. 

2) STRATEGY: What will you need to accomplish in the first 90 days of 2021 to move your business towards your goal?

In my FAB Friday Goal – Q1 I would look at strategies to sign up new subscribers.  It could be speaking, podcasts interviews, opt-ins, paid ads, joint venture partnerships, etc.

3) TACTICS: What are the weekly actions needed to implement those strategies? 

For example, the strategy podcast interviews:  Tactic 1 – create my speaker bio with topics and contact info, Tactic 2: research podcasts with my target audience; Tactic 3: create a campaign to reach out to those podcast hosts – pitching my talk; Tactic 4: Follow-up, Tact 5: when booked, promote my free opt-in on their podcast so people are on my list! Tactic 6: Repeat each week.

If you need help getting clear on your goals, or breaking them down into strategies and tactics – let’s schedule a time to talk. Book a free 30 minute FOCUS call with me.