No one will know but me!

Accountability- No one will know but me!

Last week we talked about the benefits a strong accountability partner can have on your business.One of them was

  • Increased feelings of competence – when you are accountable to your goals and getting those tasks done every day, your confidence will skyrocket!  You are doing this!!!

This week IRL, I was starting to relax on my own accountability.  It’s so easy to do….  you tell yourself, no one will know but me…  It’s really not a big deal if I don’t do that thing.  In my case, it’s this weekly FAB Friday email.  I know that none of you will miss another email in your inbox on a Friday. 

I like to get these out in the morning and prefer to have them done and scheduled ahead of time. Alas, life catches up to us and packs some weeks with more personal issues and your business, and little things like keeping a promise to write an email, can easily get pushed aside. 

But as I’m typing this at 4:15 on Friday afternoon, I know that if I didn’t keep this promise and get this email out, regardless if anyone reads it, I will know that I didn’t keep that promise to myself.  

That is what accountability is all about – keeping a promise to yourself.  

What promises are you breaking in your business?

What can you do to hold yourself more accountable? 

In the end, it’s worth it!