My Favorite Tools – Part 2

My Favorite Tools: – Part 2

Thanks to those who read the last FAB Friday and commented on me calling myself a tool! 🙂 I AM a tool, a guide, a resource, a carrot, a stick and a cheerleader all rolled into one!

I’m here to share more about my favorite tools I use in my business.

Here are five of my favorites I use everyday

  1. My Timer: Just a standard kitchen timer (it’s blue and was a gift from a client) I rely on my timer to structure my workday effectively – setting it for 20 minutes to write this newsletter for example. I use it for limiting social media time, all my client meetings and during my Peer Advisory Boards ensuring optimal productivity by staying focused and on track.
  2. Cam Scanner APP: CamScanner is my go-to tool for swiftly transforming physical documents and client notes from my whiteboard into digital format, enabling me to store, email, and access important files conveniently from anywhere.
  3. ChatGPT: Leveraging ChatGPT, I engage in insightful conversations, seek quick answers to queries, and even generate content ideas, allowing me to efficiently handle customer inquiries, brainstorm solutions, and enhance overall communication with stakeholders.
  4. Calendly: With Calendly, scheduling appointments, meetings, and consultations becomes hassle-free as it eliminates the back-and-forth of finding suitable time slots, providing clients and networking partners with a seamless booking experience while saving me valuable time. And Clients can book and pay at the same time, so no extra steps to collect payments.
  5. RocketBook Reusable Notebooks: I have uses my Rocketbook reusable notebooks for the last 5 years – think of all the paper I’ve saved! They allow me to jot down ideas, notes, and tasks, then easily scan and store them digitally in appropriate Google Drive folders,using the Rocketbook app.

What has been one of the most impactful tools in your business?

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