Keep Start Stop!

Happy Holiday Season!

Happy Friday – It’s mid DECEMBER and that means Holiday Season is here!

Our family had a wonderful Thankmas celebration last weekend – year #26 which generated new memories and revisited traditions old and new!

Getting back to our theme this month as we head into the end of 2022 -Keep, Stop, Start.

I know a lot of pressure to complete goals and set new ones all revolves around a date on the calendar – I encourage you to set goals that are meaningful to you whenever you want to start or stop them.

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom experience can instill in us. – Hal Borland

With that said – ‘Going On’ to 2023 it is a great time to review our accomplishments, processes and goals using the Stop, Keep, Start exercise

This week we are going to look at our STOP lists!

Remember our exercise:

Step One Review –  Write each task that you do in your business on a sticky note. 

Step Two: Sort those Sticky notes and create a STOP doing pile

This is a list of things wants to stop doing. List anything that you feel is a time-waster or any unsuccessful initiatives or opportunities distracting from achieving long term goals. List items that are non-productive, not in your giftedness and drain you of energy.

The Stops: This list is easiest; everyone can identify counterproductive practices and process gaps which reduce effectiveness. Sometimes a “stop” will readily suggest a mirror-image “start” — an immediately obvious solution.  

Step Three: Build Accountability How and when will you stop doing these things? Do they still need to get done but just by someone else (Yay Delegation!) Map out what you need to do in order to stop doing the tasks or hand them off to someone. Set a deadline!

Next on the list – the entrepreneurs favorite: Start!


Spend some time making your list of activities and answering these questions:

  • What is working in your business? What do I need to STOP doing in 2023?
  • How are you going to get that off your plate?

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