Habits: 7 Simple Tiny Habits To Stay Positive

Life throws challenges at us daily, and in the increasingly hectic pace of life (and coming out of a PANDEMIC!), you need to work on staying positive. This doesn’t mean you have to spend all day reading a self-help book. Instead, you can use tiny habits daily to build up your positive mindset. Here are seven simple ones you can start with today.

  1.  Watch your thoughts and words. Frequently throughout the day, you need to monitor if a negative thought comes into your head or you actually state something negative about yourself. Work on finding the times you are triggered to think this way and then change the words you are using. For example, if you are saying to yourself, “I’ve been working for hours and still can’t get anything done, maybe I am not smart enough,” you need to rephrase that. Try saying, “I will change the way I focus on projects and come at this when I am fresh. It may take a bit longer, but I can do this.” When you find yourself being very negative all day, it is helpful to write down what you said and go back to see why you would say that. Then look for ways to change that phrasing to a positive and keep working on it.
  2.  Take a breath. People will make mistakes, and sometimes it is too easy to be critical of them. When you need to speak to someone about an issue, take a pause first. Think about how you can approach this and give them a solution at the same time. We all need teamwork, whether it is family or work situations. Great coaches come with solutions rather than constant complaining.
  3.  Learn from setbacks. Rejection is part of life. Everyone gets rejected multiple times during their life. Adopt the belief that rejection is a chance to learn and grow. An author who has never been rejected is scarce. In fact, even the most prolific authors were rejected multiple times in their careers, Tim Ferriss’s The Four-Hour Workweek was rejected by 25 publishers! When you are hit with rejection, take the time to ask yourself what you can learn from the experience. Is there something you need to change to make you a better person? Always look for the gold in a rejection moment.
  4.  Gratitude.. One of the surest ways to boost positivity is by using a gratitude journal. When you pause and consider all the great things in your life, the negative loses much of its power over you. Write down everything you are grateful for, no matter how small it is. Even the act of waking up in the morning is something you should be thankful for as you have been granted another day to be the best you can be.
  5.  Bring joy. Spreading joy to others will rebound back to you. Just the simple act of smiling (even with a mask on) and seeing someone’s face light up from this simple gesture will fill you with positive feelings.
  6. Stop Comparing.  Too many people watch television or social media and wish they had the life of the rich and famous. They have no concept of what is actually happening in the lives of those they admire so much. When you stop comparing yourself to others and revel in the bright star that you are, it increases your positivity.

  7. Make your bed! Starting today, if you do not make your bed right after you wake up, begin this habit. It will give you a boost of satisfaction, and then you will be more apt to engage in cleaning up after yourself throughout the day. Decluttering your space at home and work on a daily basis makes you feel great. When you let things slide, you become anxious or stressed at the mess that has accumulated. Stay positive by staying on your daily chores and considering decluttering your digital space daily for even more positivity boosts.

Choose one of the 7 habits for positivity and start it today!
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