Gratitude: Joy of Entrepreneurship!

I love having my own businesses!  I have worked in a wide variety of businesses since my  first W2 job when I was 14 and worked in the corn and milo fields in Kansas.  I have worked in everything from small Mom & Pop stores to a large international wastewater treatment company to a law firm, with many stops in between.

While I learned a lot from each of those experiences, and was always one to take on a new project, or challenge, it is nothing like the challenges I get to face and solve as an Entrepreneur.  I am forever grateful for the knowledge and people who lead me to take the leap to start my own business 6 years ago. 

Each weekday morning, I spend about 10 minutes writing in a guided journal called, Speed Dial The Universe (*this is my affiliate link)  In it, there is a section to write about things I appreciate about my business.  Here are just a few of them I’ve written down this year.

Things I’m grateful for in my business….

·        I am grateful for the opportunity to live in a country where I can start my own business (or multiple businesses). 

·        I am grateful for the people I meet through networking groups, my clients, podcasts, and speaking engagements.

·        I am grateful for being able to make an income doing what I love and am skilled at doing. 

·        I am grateful for my team, that helps support me and my clients. 

·        I am grateful that my business allows me to be creative, be flexible and have systems all at the same time. 

·        I am grateful for technology that lets me connect with people in meaningful ways, fun ways, and from all around the world.

·        I am grateful for my amazing clients who bring me thoughtful gifts just because. 

·        I am grateful for my business that allows me to use my gifts and talents to serve others and help them improve their lives through business. 

·        I am grateful for my love of being in front of the room – speaking, teaching, sharing. 

·        I am grateful for the flexibility being my own boss can allow – work from home or office?, play today and work tomorrow?, travel to visit my Mom when I want, change the way I deliver services, add new services, the options are endless, exciting and can be a challenge to be overcome.

·         I am grateful for my strong reputation as a person of integrity, warmth and building genuine connections with those I meet. 

What are you grateful for in your business? I encourage you to take a moment and write some things down on paper.