Gratitude: Experiences not things!

It’s Black Friday and the official holiday shopping season has begun.  I love giving gifts and have a special knack for finding just the right thing. Paying attention to something someone mentions in a conversation, and then tying that to a gift fills me with joy and gratitude for making another happy.  I love receiving gifts too!  Knowing that someone took their time and energy to find the right thing for me, also fills me with love and gratitude. 

However, I encourage you not to go out and purchase a bunch of STUFF that you will then need to find space for in your house, instead this year focus on EXPERIENCES.  How can you create an experience with or for someone you love that will create memories for years to come?

Both of the books I have written talk about the power of connection, connection happens through shared experiences. 

Here are just a few ideas of potential gifts to give a loved one, a client or a business associate. 

1) Pay attention to their hobbies – what do they love to do when not at the office?  Golf, Ski, hike, watch movies, cook?   There are many ways you can contribute to an outing with one of their favorite hobbies,

2) Try something new.  If you know they are working on getting healthy, get them time with a trainer, a food delivery service or a parks pass. 

3) Entertain.  Have everyone over for dinner at your house, prepare a meal, take them out to a show, even better – bring along multiple clients who don’t know each other and do a fun group activity like ax throwing – that will get everyone talking!

4) Volunteer together.  Invite your colleagues, clients and family to volunteer together at a pet shelter, foodbank, church, Senior home, or clean up trash in your neighborhood.  Then offer to host everyone for a celebration.  

There are so many options to create memories that will help ensure your bond going into the new year at a deeper level than a candle, bottle of wine, or another knick knack to sit on the shelf.

What experience can you create for those around you?