Generosity of knowledge.

Our theme this month is Generosity. Today we are going to focus on generosity of knowledge.

Tip # 33 in my book Vitamin C3 for Business: 52 Ideas to Connect, Contribute and Celebrate Your Way to Success, says Don’t Hoard Your Knowledge!

As someone who runs a small business, you have learned a lot, if you wanted to or not! What are you doing with all of that knowledge? Hoarding it in your mental attic, like those old wool sweaters and your high school yearbooks, doesn’t contribute to anyone.

You have earned all of this knowledge, so why not use it as the powerful gift it can be for others?

Some ways you can contribute your knowledge to the world:

1) Write: Putting your knowledge into the world can be a powerful way to reach others. You could write for an industry association or start your own blog, write articles on LinkedIn or on Medium. Make sure you truly believe in and have experience with what you publish. It will follow you around online forever like a lost puppy!

2) Step up and be a resource: If you have skills that can be useful in a project within your business, or to a client, don’t be afraid to let others know about your expertise. Don’t let someone find out after the fact that you could have shared knowledge that could have saved someone time, money or energy. There is a difference between “I told you so” and “Why didn’t you tell me? “

3) Share your connections: You have knowledge about the people in your network and who they can help. When you hear of someone needing those services – make the effort to share that knowledge/connection through an introduction.

How are you showing Generosity with your knowledge in your business this month?

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