Revenue: Funnels, Maps and Stairs -Oh My!

As we start the 4th Quarter of 2021 – I wanted to spend some time talking about Money! In your business its called REVENUE!

We’ll be talking about tips you can take to make more, keep more and make it work for you.

3 ways to Increase Revenue:
To really grow your revenue, the experts say you have 3 simple options:
1) Increase Your Pricing- charge what you are worth – build a brand on value
2) Increase Your Reach – get in front of more BUYERS!
3) Create A New Product -or i re-packaging, combining offers to make something new

There are many options on getting your products / services in front of more buyers (Social Media, Advertising, Networking, Speaking, E-mails, etc). All of these methods need a strategy behind them – hence the Funnels, Maps or Stairs – OH MY!

What is a funnel, map or stairs as they relate to marketing and your revenue?
Simply put, They are processes for you to take potential buyers through a system of interactions so they can get to Know Like and Trust you enough to buy from you.

All of them start with your free offer or initial awareness. How do your customers know you even exist?

Next you can move them down the funnel, up the stairs or around the map through a series of interactions such as a free download, a one time offer, a lower priced item and eventually to your full priced offer/service or membership.
Once you have this method of consistently bringing in new potential clients and nurturing them through your process (funnel, map or stairs) your bottom line revenue will increase!

You’ll be able to start tracking the numbers – if you send an email to your list making an offer – how many sign up? Once you know this number its all about taking consistent action to keep that pipeline and bottom line healthy!

TAKE ACTION: What does your REVENUE Plan look like for Q4 and into 2022? What is your strategy to get in front of more buyers?
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