Focus: Celebrate the Small

FOCUS: Celebrate the small things
Friday of week 6 of Shelter in Place, and today I encourage you to focus on celebrating the small things. We have some big things to celebrate in our family today: My daughter Natalie turns 21 and my youngest sister – the other one of “The Little Girls” in our family is turning 50 today. Both big milestones and of course like many other families, we are celebrating via Zoom instead of being together.

It can seem overwhelming, physically, emotionally and spiritually to be separated from those we love, especially at times when we long to be together and hug one another. It’s too easy to get sucked into a Wo is me, pity party for one. You have to intentionally focus on finding the small things to celebrate.

This week in my Peer Advisory Boards, our training topic was Gratitude Journals. One of my favorite lines from this topic is this:

Creating from an optimistic viewpoint is essential for entrepreneurs who transform powerful thoughts into actions to create their futures.

Today I am celebrating all of the entrepreneurs and small business owners out there who are optimistic about their future. Those who are taking their thoughts and turning them into actions to create a future they want. Celebrate all of those seemingly insignificant tasks and to do’s that you have tackled so that you can create something that creates value for you and for others. Celebrate every time you have helped a client solve a problem. Celebrate every dollar that comes in to your business. Celebrate technology that lets us stay in touch with our clients and customers. Celebrate our resilient spirit and Can-do attitudes.

This week, I encourage you to take a moment and FOCUS on Celebrating your amazing self and all that you do!

Stay safe, stay connected and stay grateful!

A birthday wish and message to Natalie and Suzy today! This plaque is hanging on my wall at home and I’m celebrating the many great women in my life and the men who help us raise them.