Community – Dale Carnegie says SMILE!

To wrap up our tips about community, I thought I’d go back to the basics – before you can build a community – you first have to connect with people! Nobody can teach you this better than the classic – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie!
Mr. Carnegie says….Top 6 ways to make a connection with people:  

  1. Smile: A challenge for you: Smile at someone every hour of the workday for a week!  
  2. Make eye contact: if this is difficult for you – look at the bridge of their nose or try watching for them to blink 
  3. Use their name: use a name remembering trick – picture their name written on their forehead, rhyme it with something you learned about them (Mary from Minnesota)
  4. Ask them about their interests. Find out what they are interested in and then delve into that topic. 
  5. Listen 75 % of the time – remember the adage – “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak” -Epictetus
  6. Make them feel important – let them know you agree with them.

TAKE ACTION:Choose one of the 6 items above and make a conscious effort to really implement it over the next 7 days! See how your sense of connection to other people improves.
Find something that is meaningful to you AND benefits your community and get out there and DO IT!
Stay tuned to this Month’s FAB Fridays as we talk about building a community you love.

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