Community: Add Value and Joy

Life is a team sport! We may feel like we are in it alone, but we need people! Without a steady stream of clients/ customers, vendors, power partners and a community, our businesses would come tumbling down quickly.
To support people in your community (business or personal) add value to others and they will automatically be attracted to work with you. Finding a way to add value that costs you little and brings you joy is even more fulfilling. When you are filled with joy, people want to be around you. See the pattern?
Let’ look at Bees – They are just doing their thing, going from flower to flower, collecting and spreading pollen as they go. They are in the Honey-Making Business, working to support themselves and their community. But , they also add value to the rest of the world through pollination of the trees and flowers. It costs them nothing, yet the benefits radiate out to practically every living thing on the planet!

TAKE ACTION: How can you add value for the joy of it?
Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” – Mother Teresa
My On the Water Networking is an example – I add value to those who attend by coordinating the events, sending reminders, promoting it to new people, then making connections to those who attend. I get extreme joy from using my organizing skills and having conversations with entrepreneurs. And of course there is the pure joy of being in the sunshine and water on a Friday morning!

Define what brings you joy and then find a way to build it into your business as a value add.

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