Client Celebrations: Kay Adams

Last Fridays of the month on my favorites because I get to Celebrate with one of my clients!  

This month I’m delighted to be celebrating with Kay Adams, a dementia coach and founder of Compassion Works!  

Kay is celebrating two big wins in her business this month: 

  • Being listed as “one of Denver’s finest experts in Dementia” in the Caregiver’s Guide to Dementia Resources,” which is a special edition in the Winter 2021 of Colorado Health & Wellness Magazine that was just released to 18,000 subscribers in the Boulder/Denver area earlier this month (in October!). It is a very exciting, and a huge honor for me! 
  • Making the commitment to publish my own book of vignettes about the work I’ve been doing for almost 20 years with people facing life-threatening illnesses and their families, which I began writing 6 years ago. I just took a huge action step and hired My Word Publishing to help me get my book finished and out into the world in the next year or so. It has been a goal of mine to write this specific book since 2001, and now I’m finally doing it!!! That’s worth celebrating

Be sure to click below to watch our quick interview.  Check out the incredible workshops and information on Kay’s website at  and connect with her on LinkedIn

What are you celebrating  in your business this month?  HOW are you celebrating it?    

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Click here to watch our interview.