Celebrate with a question?

I’m continuing the celebrations this month! Birthday done! Now I realized that I have been working for 40 years! I got my first W2 job when I was 14 and I just turned 54! Wow that’s a lot to fit onto a resume! #workexperience
“If you don’t celebrate success -it won’t celebrate you!”
As you know if you read these newsletters – I believe in the power of a great question. I thought I’d leave you to ponder a few celebration related questions before heading out for the week.

TAKE ACTION:Answer these questions and then build more celebration into your life!

  • What success/win do I have to celebrate from the last 30 days?
  • How can I celebrate it? (send a thank you note, buy a treat?)
  • How can build on this success to create more in the future?
  • Who do I need share this success with?

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