Celebrate Inspiration!

What inspires you? Last week I drug (dragged?) my husband and daughter to see the Michelangelo :Sistine Chapel Exhibit.  OMG - Talk about inspiration!  We were able to see the panels of the chapel ceiling up close and personal, they even had padded benches so you could lay down and look at the ones that were hanging from the event space ceiling.  It was incredible!   To think that someone has that much talent!  The details in the colors, shading, expressions and the human form - amazing!  Granted some of the women were portrayed with arms that The Rock would be jealous of!

As someone who has a hard time drawing a stick figure I was so inspired by the talent that it took to create these beautiful works of art that have stood the test of time for close to 600 years!

It got me thinking about where I find inspiration and how I celebrate it in my business. 

I am inpsired by my clients all the time.  They are taking thoughts and ideas and turning them into real business services!  They are passionate about serving their clients, finding new and better ways to be of service AND build a revenue generating business that supports them. 

I LOVE being in the energy of other Entrepreneurs!  Creativity is a must for the small business owner. 

What inspires you in your business? 

How do you celebrate inspiration?