Celebrate Collaboration!

Happy August! 
As we roll into the weekend, I am delighted to celebrate the ultimate collaboration – Marriage!
James and I have been married 28 years this weekend! We dated 4 years before that – so 32 years we have been collaborating on building our life together. 
I have some exciting Collaborations coming up – a cool give away, new partners for workshops and new clients.
I love being able to work on a new project with new people – the creative energy brings me joy. Stay tuned to learn more about my collaborations. 

Who can you partner with in a new way? Can you create a new product/service or workshop? Who works with similar clients? What can you come up with to serve them? I challenge you to find a project and a person to collaborate with this month – just start having the conversations. Two heads are better than one!

Schedule your collaboration call with me today! Free 30 minutes to brainstorm what you want/need to do next…https://calendly.com/successmagnified/30minfocus