Action and Accountability

Who are you accountable to?

We all have people we are accountable to in our lives… our families, our spouses, our pets, our clients, our partners, our service providers – it can feel overwhelming. Especially as a business owner.

Ultimately we are all only truly accountable to ourselves. The word Accountability gets a bad rap -(I personally love it! I know – I’m weird like that)!

Let’s look at some definitions to bring this word back into your good graces.

Accountability is about delivering on a commitment. It’s about taking full personal responsibility and creating a strategic set of clear actions to reach a desired outcome. Personal accountability is the belief that you are fully responsible for your own actions and consequences. It’s a choice, a mindset and an expression of your personal integrity.

Now that doesn’t sound so bad does it? Or did it make you cringe a little?

Maybe the cringe happened if you haven’t been taking personal responsibility for your actions.

I get it – pandemic, back to school, summer, uncertainty, a new series on Netflix, etc etc. there are many excuses we can find (including me) for why we aren’t getting done what we promise ourselves we will do. That slowly erodes our confidence and our personal integrity.

The fix?…… Action!

Taking even the smallest actions towards your goals to be a better boss, a better business person, a better friend, spouse, provider, community member, etc. will help build that accountability muscle!

These small actions create clarity on what to do next. They also start to re-build that confidence in your own integrity – keeping your word to yourself that you will do what you say. Being Accountable to YOU!

Take action to be accountable to yourself today!

What is it YOU want to accomplish?

What is one small action you can take towards it today?

You can do it – I believe in you!

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