Action: 3 steps to making a decision.

“Nothing is more difficult and therefore more precious than to be able to decide.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Decision making is one of the keys to taking action in your business and life. More is lost by not making a decision than by making the wrong decision.

Entrepreneurs get stuck by not making decisions to take an action and by not making the decision we are deciding to remain stuck (dude – what?).

Before you can take any action in your business you must get good at making decisions.

3 steps to making a decision:

Clarity: You must absolutely know where you want to go and what you want to achieve. If you don’t have a clear vision / destination how can you ever evaluate your decisions and actions to know if they are getting you closer or farther away?

Confidence: Once you make a decision, you must have confidence to stand by it. Your ability to decide and say yes to opportunities will keep you moving in the direction of what you want (more money, more growth, a stronger business). Are you a “trust your gut” decision maker? If so, trust it! If you get stuck in “analysis paralysis” always needing more data – give yourself a time frame to gather data (one week, one month) and then at the end of that time tell yourself you have enough data and will make a decision.

Action: Once the decision has been made – take action immediately! Click the button, make the purchase, have the conversation, get it on your calendar! Take one small step towards action, based on your decision. Once you decide something, universal energy starts organizing itself to deliver what you want. This action creates confidence and more clarity, which will lead to more decisions, confidence and clarity! YAY welcome to the vortex, but you get to be in charge!

What decision do you need to make to be able to take action this week?

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