Accountability- Carrots and Sticks!

Accountability- Carrots and Sticks!

Are you motivated more by the Carrot (treat) or the Stick (threat or task)?  In my 5 T’s of Accountability (which we will cover next week, so come back!), I talk about the Treat/Threat other wise known as the Carrot and Stick.  

If you are not familiar with the concept, think of yourself as a stubborn donkey (am I calling you an ass? NO WAY! – just stubborn sometimes!)

What is going to get you to move your business/ self forward?
 Dangling a carrot in front of you – just out of reach so you are consistently moving toward it?  OR Is it going to take someone beating you with a stick (Ouch – again just a metaphor – not condoning beating yourself up with a psychical or mental stick!)

What motivates you may be different depending on the situation and how important the goal is to your bottom line. 

Carrot: If you are motivated by the Carrot (treat), then it’s important to have a written treat worked into you goal setting process:  Set up a reward (carrot) when you have achieved the goal or pre-set milestones.

For example:

  • If I make my_____ # prospecting phone calls this week, then I will treat myself to a massage. a day off, a hike, etc   
  • When I sign 5 new clients, I will take my significant other for a nice dinner.

Stick: Threat/task: You can also set up a motivating task that is unpleasant (stick) or the threat of doing something that is so distasteful, you will l achieve your goal to avoid doing it.

For example: 

  • If I fail to make my ___# prospecting phone calls this week, I will have to ___________ (insert unpleasant task here – clean the drains in the shower, volunteer for an organization you don’t support, take an annoying colleague to lunch).

Another great stick/threat is to write someone a large check to a charity, organization or political party that you do NOT support.  Address the envelope and hand it to your accountability partner.  Tell them to check-in with you on the date of your goal and ask if you have achieved it.  If not, they have permission to mail the check!  This one works great!  I have used it myself and have used it with clients and have never had to mail the check!

Go back and look at your goals for 2019 – do you need to add a carrot or stick to help you stay motivated?