Accountability and Motivation

ACTION: Accountability and Motivation
CARROT OR STICK?Which one motivates you more? If you are not familiar with the saying – the old Carrot and Stick motivation is a motivational approach that involves offering a “carrot” (a reward—for good behavior) and a “stick” (a negative consequence for poor behavior). It motivates you by creating actionable goals and desirable rewards for those who can alter their behavior and performance. . 

Find out what motivates you more – the reward or the consequence?It may depend on the goal and the timeline. 

For example – a carrot of a nice vacation with your family may motivate you to go out and get an extra client or two – start a vacation fund and set a deadline for booking it.A stick may be writing a check to an organization that you really really really don’t like in a large enough amount that it will be felt by you, and giving that check with the deadline to a friend/accountability partner and telling them to mail it if you don’t complete the task. 

Take action tip:What motivates you? Do you need to set up a reward system or a consequence system to help achieve your goals?

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