7 Tips for making more out of less!

Top 7 Tips to Making More Out of Less

The secret to becoming minimalist is not to throw out all your things and to stop doing the things you love. It’s not all about less.

Rather, being minimal is about making the most out of what you already have. It’s about finding enjoyment in simple things, so that you can stop chasing the next purchase.

This is the secret to minimalism and actually, it’s the secret to happiness!

Make a List of All the Things You Have Yet to Do

Why are you thinking of buying a new book or game when you haven’t finished everything on your shelf? And just how many other fun activities could you be enjoying using the things you already have? Make a list and keep this in mind!

Try More Free Activities

Yes, you could pine after that expensive holiday, or another expensive meal. Or you could cook for your partner and have a romantic evening in, visit a museum, go for a walk or try learning another language.

Try a Gratitude Attitude

A gratitude attitude means learning to appreciate what you already have. Try writing down five things you’re grateful for every night before bed!

Try Cooking With Less

One area that many of us spend a lot of money in and can be very wasteful in, is food. Try cooking with fewer ingredients and see just how delicious simple food can be! (also - check out the Magic Meal Planner below- 6 weeks of theme menus).

Create Your Own Style

Don’t splash your cash on expensive fashion items! Instead, try creating your own style that doesn’t depend on expense. You’ll have a more unique look and will save money at the same time! Look in the back of your closet - you may have some fun shopping there!

Reduce Your Clutter

If you have lots of items on your shelves, you’ll find they’re actually fighting for attention. The result is that no single item on your shelf looks as good as it could because it’s being drowned out by all the others. Take away 60% and you’ll find that what is left looks much more beautiful!


How can you start to make less = more?

How many pens do you have in your house? I bet it's over 100! My challenge to you this week - go through your pens/pencils and throw out the ones that don't work, are missing caps/erasers. Toss those, and then keep the ones you love, then make a bag of the extra's and donate to a charity, school, library.

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