7 Must Make Decisions for Success!

“Leaders struggle with two challenges when trying to make good decisions: making bad decisions and taking far too long to make them.” – Gino Wickman

Here are 7  decisions you must make to be successful. 

  1. Decide who you are and how you will show up.
  2. Decide who your ideal prospects are and where you will find them.
  3. Decide your revenue model and pricing.
  4. Decide what tasks can be delegated, eliminated, or outsourced.
  5. Decide to market more consistently.
  6. Decide to become a valued asset to your prospects.
  7. Decide to become indispensable to your clients.

Your ability to decide and say yes to opportunities that will put you in the direction of what you want (more money, more growth, a new job, a stronger business, a new love) always comes before the actual manifestation. 

What decisions are you making in your business?   

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