5 T’s of Accountability

Accountability is about delivering on a commitment. It’s about taking full personal responsibility and creating a strategic set of clear actions to reach a desired outcome.  Personal accountability is the belief that you are fully responsible for your own actions and consequences. It’s a choice, a mindset and an expression of your personal integrity.

Here are 5 tips to successfully working with an accountability partner:

  1. Target: Be clear about the outcome you’re looking for, and how you’ll measure success.  Agree on weekly milestones with clear, measurable, objective targets. If any of these targets slip, address it immediately. Brainstorm a solution, identify a fix, redesign the schedule, or respond in some other way that gets the person back on track.
  • Tools:  Objectively outline if they have the skills / tools/ resources available to achieve the goal? If not, what’s the plan? Outline what’s needed and a plan to get it.
  • Timeline: Set up regular check-in times (this can be a text message or a quick phone call, no need to meet every time).
  • Treats/ Tasks:  This is the old Carrot and Stick system. Find out what is motivating them to achieve this goal.  Set up a reward (carrot) when they have achieved the goal or agreed upon milestones.  Also set up a motivating Task that is unpleasant (stick), something that is so distasteful they will achieve their goal to avoid doing it.
  • Tough / Thoughtful Feedback: Honest, open, ongoing feedback is critical. If you have clear measurements, the feedback can be fact-based and easy to deliver. Is the person delivering on her commitments? If you are not willing to call someone on their broken promises to themselves, you are not doing them any good. You must be able to count on them to tell you unpleasant truths or tough advice you need to hear.

Remember, true accountability requires two parts: personal responsibility/commitment to achieve your desired outcome AND external support from your accountability partner.  Being personally responsible for your results is very important, but to achieve peak performance, you need that external accountability and support to keep you on track.

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