3 great questions for your next 1:1

 4 great questions to ask on your next 1:1 virtual coffee!

As entrepreneurs, we need to have a strong network of potential and current clients, referral partners, and resources.  That requires us to get to know people in our network.  During COVID – we have all switched to building our network to virtual  “coffee meetings or happy hours”.   They can get a little stale by asking the same questions like “tell me about your business?”

Here are 4 great questions to ask on your next zoom coffee.

1) What books have you read that I should read? Sub set- what did you implement/take away from that book?  You can change this to blogs/podcasts or however you absorb information.

2) What experience have you had that I should try? This is great because it can really show you what the person is passionate about outside of their work life. Who knows – you may get invited to come paddle-boarding!

3) Who do you know that I should know? This helps them to make an introduction to someone they know. Sometimes a person will just pop into their head – go with that!  It could be their scuba instructor.  Be prepared to get more specific to help them out if they ask – such as who do you know in the _______ industry?

4) Who would you like to / need to meet?  Leaving this open – they may ask for a business related contact, or ask for a plumber?  Whoever it is – if you have a connect for them – make it! 

Asking great questions will help you stand out in a sea of Zoom meetings. And you just may actually pick up a great connection!

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