3 Easy Steps to Improve Productivity

Today I want to talk about how you can easily improve your productivity.

  • Set up systems and processes that work for you. Processes give you a way to be more efficient since they are a system for tasks that are repetitive or ongoing.This can be something as simple as creating checklist for things you do repeatedly. For example, create checklists for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks. Use templates that are easily edited to make the process easier.
    • Tools:You can do this in a spreadsheet, in the tasks in your email or CRM, or an app like Trello to manage your recurring tasks. 
  • Automate certain tasks instead of doing them manually. Tasks like scheduling calls, social media posting or email messaging can be automated. You can automate your blog post by scheduling them to post at certain days and times after you have created them. 
    • Tools I use are;
      • Calendly to automate appointment scheduling;
      • Buffer to schedule out social media posts;
      • Canned Responses in my email (Gmail or in Outlook they are under templates) I use them to craft standard emails so I don’t have to recreate the wheel!  
  •  Learn what the keyboard shortcuts are and memorize them. This can save you a lot of time when you’re creating content in Microsoft Word, graphics in Adobe Photoshop or whatever program you use. These are the basics that I use every day!
    • CTRL X – Cuts the highlighted text
    • CTRL C – Copies the highlighted text
    • CTRL V- Pastes the highlighted text
    • CTRL P – Print
    • CTRL Z – UNDO  – This will become your favorite – when you suddenly erase an entire paragraph and have that mini panic attack 🙂
  • These commands work on Mac’s too- you just use the Command Button instead of CTRL.

Being productive in every area of life is the goal when you want to live a life of joy and passion. Take the time to improve your productivity with these tips.

What are you doing to schedule in some FUN and Productivity in your business next week?

Until next week, put some F.A.B. in your Friday!