Vitamin C3 for Business


Vitamin C3 for Business offers easy to swallow ideas for Entrepreneurs to build up their community and stimulate the long-term health of their business.

In Mary's wonderful book "Vitamin C3 for Business: 52 Ideas to Connect, Contribute and Celebrate your way to success!” Mary makes the seemingly complex very simple, understandable, and immediately implementable.

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The purpose of this book is to give the small business owner simple, easy to incorporate, and effective ideas to connect with your clients, make a contribution and celebrate within your business. In short, a boost of what I call Vitamin C3: Connect, Contribute, Celebrate.

We take multivitamins to help fill in the gaps between what we eat and what our bodies need to perform at maximum

functionality. I’ve noticed, and the research shows that most business owners don’t get enough Vitamin C3: Connect, Contribute, Celebrate.


A consistent dose of Vitamin C3 can help supplement the long term health of your small business!

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A Dose of vitamin C3: Connect

Idea #10

Ideas on how to Connect, Contribute and Celebrate are easily found as you flip through this handy book and choose what you want to implement.

Example: Idea #10 Coffee Date:

With the ease of electronic communication, some people shy away from in-person networking, especially in a one to one setting. Coffee meetings can be powerful in terms of creating a unique connection. Here are 3 tips for your next coffee date:

  • Come prepared. Do some research on who you are meeting, have questions and some conversation cues ready to go. Remember to listen more than you talk!
  • Keep it real. Don’t set expectations that this person will hand you over a signed contract for business after your first or even second coffee. The point of these in person meetings is to build the Know, Like and Trust factor.
  • Timeline. Be respectful of the other person’s time. If you are hitting it off, but the agreed upon time is up, make sure you honor the time. End the coffee meeting with a next step – following up by email, attending an event, or the next cup of coffee.



Resources include: list templates, phone scripts, email templates and more!

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Vitamin C3 for Business: Why businesses fail, how Vitamin C3: Connect, Contribute and Celebrate can help. Watch Mary give this speech here. 

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